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Before we set out to create our very first flavour, we promised ourselves that Every Chip Will Be An Asian Feast and we have worked very hard to keep that promise because we know that if the chips can get past the most demanding critics in the world (stand up, all you people who work in F.EAST), you will love it.  That is why the flavours that we choose are from Asian cuisines that have a long and colourful history; the R&D is intense and long-drawn; the manufacturing stringent and uncompromising; and the taste simply mind-blowing. 

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F.EAST is a Singapore food brand that was launched in 2017 to do one special thing, and that is to infuse the taste of iconic Asian cuisines into crunchy potato chips. F.EAST, which stands for Flavours of the East, is the brainchild of the young husband-and-wife team of YJ and Vern, who left their jobs in the finance industry to pursue the dream of creating unique Asian-flavoured potato chips.  They believe that snack lovers like themselves want exciting new potato chips with that Asian twist, and they were proven right.


F.EAST was created to realize the ambitious vision of being The World’s Favourite Asian Potato Chips and to that end, the brand is committed to serving customers all over the world with the authentic taste and aroma of well-known and well-loved Asian cuisines such as Hainanese Chicken Rice, Singapore Laksa, Egg Prata With Fish Curry, and Beef Rendang, and that’s just the beginning.  We are also guided by the brand’s key values of being Adventurous, Balanced & Committed as we work towards making this vision a reality!

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The World’s Favourite

Asian Potato Chips

This is a highly-ambitious Vision but we are determined to make this happen because we believe that when we dedicate our lives to the realization of this Vision, it will make us better and it will make our Asian-flavoured potato chips better. 

And when that happens, everyone gets to enjoy the fruits (or should that be the chips?) of our work.


To realize our ambitious Vision of being “The World’s Favourite Asian Potato Chips”, we will focus resolutely on carrying out our Mission which revolves around the 3Ps below:


Tasty potato chips with flamboyant Asian flavours that meet the highest standards of quality and safety in the market.


We integrate industry best practices into every aspect of daily operations to deliver the best product and the best customer experience.


We attract, inspire and train people and partners who are passionate about making F.EAST The World’s Favourite Asian Potato Chips.


Asian-Flavoured Potato Chips

To become the best of the best in this Category, our potato chips should pass the following tests:

They must be inspired by well-known, well-loved Asian cuisines.

They must have strong aromas and flavours.

They must be unique to our potato chips.


Every Chip Is An Asian Feast

We pack so much flavour and aroma of iconic Asian cuisines such as Hainanese Chicken Rice, Singapore Laksa, Egg Prata With Fish Curry, and Beef Rendang (just to name a few) into every crunchy chip that you really feel like it’s a feast in your mouth with every bite.

We know that very often you want that Asian flavour but don’t need to have the entire dish because you are not that hungry or you just need something to munch while you are thinking (or relaxing). That’s when you reach for a bag of F.EAST potato chips.


These are the Top 3 Brand Values that form the guiding principles behind everything that we do. These are also the ABCs that all of us at F.EAST embrace and practice every day.


We are food lovers who are willing to try new things, to experiment with new innovations, to boldly go where no potato chip has gone before.


We walk the path of moderation at work & in life.  We indulge in good food while living a balanced, healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise, outdoor activities and the company of loved ones.


We attract, inspire and train people and partners who are passionate about making F.EAST The World’s Favourite Asian Potato Chips.

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Most brands exist to battle each other.

Most brands see each other as The Enemy.

We don’t.

The real Enemy that we exist to fight is:

The Same Old Potato Chips.

Potato chips are supposed to be fun. They are supposed to spice up your life.  But having the same old potato chips day in day out kind of defeats that purpose, doesn’t it? 

That is why we created F.EAST.  It took us 2 years of R&D and a lot of manpower, money, and midnight oil, but it’s all worth it because now, we can all enjoy unique, iconic, well-known, well-loved Asian flavours on our potato chips. 

The Same Old Boring Potato Chips?



Kee Vern Cheng

Founder & CEO (Chief Exploration Officer)

Vern Cheng, or Vern to everyone who knows her, has a first class honours degree in Accounting from the University of Hertfordshire, and a first class mind that likes to challenge the status quo.

She likes to look at something and ask, “Can we find a better way of doing this? There must be a better way of doing this!” That’s how she became the CEO (Chief Exploration Officer) of F.EAST. 

After 8 years in the financial industry, Vern decided it was time to challenge herself to do something that meets these 3 criteria:

  • It had to be unique because she didn’t see the point in just copying what other people are doing. 

  • It had to be something that she would enjoy. 

  • It had to be something that can scale up and make an impact worldwide.

That was how she came up with the idea of F.EAST. After proving that the concept has merit and that the market is ready for locally flavoured potato chips, she is now exploring the possibilities of creating more unique products under the F.EAST brand. 

And the best part of Vern’s job? She actually gets to eat potato chips for work!

YJ is very passionate about potato chips.  He would try all types of potato chips in the market and then analyze them with the same rigour that he applies to financial analysis. 

Prior to F.EAST, YJ worked as an investment analyst for various investment companies such as Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, RHB Research Institute, and Amfraser Securities. He was also the founder of Your Magnum Opus in 2017 which trains individuals in financial skills.

According to YJ, you need to be able to benchmark your products against the best in the market before so that you know what you need to do to become better. 

Founder & CFO (Chief Food Officer)

Lee Yue Jer

Yue Jer, or YJ to anyone too lazy to learn how to spell his name,

has a first class honours degree in Economics and Finance from the National University of Singapore, but he is first and foremost, a foodie

He is not a glutton, don’t get us wrong, but he just likes his food to smell, taste, and look right.  That’s why he decided that his career dream is not to become a Chief Financial Officer even though that was what he was trained for but to become the Chief Food Officer of F.EAST instead.



Won Best New Brand Award

Launched Prata flavour


We launched the F.EAST Hainanese Chicken Rice & Singapore Laksa potato chips. Sold out in no time!


We asked the question

"Why can't we have potato

chips in Asian flavours?"


We started refining the initial flavours.


Sold in 500 outlets in Singapore.

Available in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia.


We set a new company,

Foodie Drools, to undertake 

the R&D to develop potato chips based on iconic Asian cuisines.

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